My name is Isha (pronounced ‘eesha’).

I’m an artist living in New York.

What inspires me? women, nature, dreams

Art is not my stress reliever; I get stressed when I don’t create art.

I create in oil paintings & landscape photography.

I dream images during the day and night.

I capture them into my idea sketchbook and onto the canvas with vivid warm colors.

I explore the subconscious and claw into the unknown self.

I scratch curiosity and the unimagined mind by asking ‘why not’?

Images are moments in time that I like to lock away in my mind – they are my molded memories.

I gravitate toward femininity and childlike innocence.

If you would like to contact me directly, email me at info@ishasetia.com or tweet to me @ishismsworld.

Have I convinced you to glance at my work yet? Click here.